A. Trevor Hodge (Montebello - 2003)

A. Trevor Hodge (Montebello - 2003)

A. Trevor Hodge is Distinguished Research Professor of Classics at Carleton University, Ottawa.

Born in Belfast, N. Ireland, A. Trevor Hodge crossed to Cambridge to acquire the degrees of B.A., M.A. PhD, and the Diploma in Classical Archaeology. From 1960 till he retired, in 1997, he was a Professor of Classics at Carleton University, where his best-known course was in Ancient Science and Technology.

He is now a Distinguished Research Professor at Carleton, his research work and publication being concentrated on Roman Aqueducts and the Greek colonisation of Southern France. He has often contributed to the Globe and Mail and the Ottawa Citizen, as well as broadcasting on CBC national radio, notably in a series on the Ideas programme with the late Lester Sinclair. Now retired, he has relaxed by lecturing on Caribbean and Mediterranean cruise ships, and trying to write a good crime mystery story.  As a lifetime railway enthusiast, it is his current ambition to combine his talents as railwayman, detective, and archaeologist by straightening out Agatha Christie on what really did happen in the Murder on the Orient Express.

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